Embrace the Fork Program Basics

This program is designed to ease you into making small changes in your diet and lifestyle that will yield big payoffs in increased health. Each week, you’ll add one element, and eliminate another. This will allow you to get used to each change before adding something new. The following is a broad-brush overview to give you an idea what to expect.


Week 1 

Incorporate: Bone broth. Eliminate: gluten

Week 2

Incorporate: Healthy fats. Eliminate: added sugars & legumes

Week 3

Incorporate: Organic fruit and veggies. Eliminate: processed foods

Week 4

Incorporate: Grass-fed / pastured meats & wild-caught seafood. Eliminate: all grains

Week 5

Incorporate: Movement. Eliminate: dairy

Week 6-8

Find your groove and enjoy the feeling that comes from eating this clean.

Week 9

Systematically reintroduce foods to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.


Mindset shifts:

Fat is not the enemy

You do not “need” grains, even whole grains

Calcium can come from sources other than dairy

Sugar is very addictive and will try to lure you whenever possible

Food is fuel… not love

Salt tastes good and is not evil


Skills Needed:

Basic cooking skills

Sleep management

  • 7-9 hours per night
  • Make it a priority


* 5 easy go-to meals:

  • Grilled meat + steamed veggies w/ butter or ghee or olive oil + avocado
  • Pot roast + roasted veggies + simple green salad w/ dressing
  • Roasted chicken + coleslaw + roasted sweet potatoes
  • Frittata (or hash, depending on how you like your eggs)
  • Simple baked fish + kale salad


What’s in a name? You may be wondering what Embrace the Fork has to do with anything. As I was running through all of the arguments / protests / complaints about eating this way, one of the biggest issues that comes up is convenience. How am I going to eat without bread, buns, tortillas, crackers, etc.? As I look back on how I adjusted, I realized that it’s simple, and you do get used to, eating things like burgers and tuna salad with a fork instead. They are just as tasty – especially when you add guacamole and bacon to your burger – but they don’t leave you with the bloat and discomfort associated with grain-based conveyances. So I say, “Embrace the Fork” and eat good food – your body will thank you.


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